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Terrasses Bonsecours' Reopening Date Is Around The Corner

Mark your calendars, it's sangria time.
Terrasses Bonsecours' Reopening Date Is Around The Corner

Did you read the title and hear Shania Twain singing "let's go girls" in your head? Same here. While we all thought summer 2020 was going to be a complete write-off, there's light at the end of the tunnel. One of every Montrealers' favourite summer spots, Terrasses Bonsecours, is officially opening up again as of next week.

This summer may have begun a little different than summers past, but things are looking up.

Terrasses Bonsecours is opening again on June 22 at 5 p.m., as one of the owners confirmed with MTL Blog.

And it goes without saying the excitement is real.

Bonsecours is not only known for its night time club scene but it's also known for its delicious bistro, day parties, and corporate events.

On May 22, the club shared a Facebook post saying "Terrasses Bonsecours has been a summer staple for Montrealers for the past decade. We have to be there for each other during these difficult times."

"Although we have no definite date to announce our re-opening, our dedicated team is working diligently to be ready as soon as we get the green light to open."

And a month later, it's doing exactly that.

Owners are promising to make "the necessary changes to ensure our clients' and staffs' safety, following the fundamental guidelines by the ministry of health."

And, best of all is that if you're currently looking for a job, Terrasses Bonsecours could be your next employer.

If you're looking for a fun job, you might be able to find something at Terrasses.

From bartenders, servers, and chefs to busboys and security, there are plenty of positions that are looking to be filled up.

 All applicants can apply through its website

As the owners wrote at the end of May, "every summer has a story. We've been making memories for over a decade and 2020 will not be skipped." 

And, their words were kept.