The Champlain Bridge Had To Temporarily Close Due To Falling Ice

Is anything working properly right now?

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The Samuel de Champlain Bridge in October 2022.

The Samuel de Champlain Bridge in October 2022.

The Sûreté Québec announced Thursday afternoon that the Samuel de Champlain Bridge between Montreal and the South Shore had closed in both directions due to falling ice. It has since partially reopened.

This comes on the heels of Hydro-Québec revealing that thousands of customers could see their homes remain without power into the weekend due to (get this) ice and freezing rain.

The closure of the Champlain Bridge was confirmed by Québec 511 on Twitter Thursday afternoon.

At this point, it's worth asking whether literally anything in this city is prepared for the type of weather we see practically every year, but I'm neither a meteorologist, electrical engineer nor a politician.

As de-icing work proceeds, there is limited circulation on the bridge — so it's not like we're trapped on the island or anything. Québec 511 said on Twitter that slow traffic is continuing as the bridge slowly returns to normal function Thursday afternoon.

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