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It feels as though life was put on pause for the past few months. And now, slowly but surely, Montreal is starting to reopen again right before our eyes. For those of you who love going to a mall and getting some shopping done, you're going to be thrilled to know that Quebec malls are opening their doors again as of Friday, June 19. And yes, that includes the Eaton Centre.

MTL Blog spoke with Katherine Roux Groleau, the Director of Public Affairs and Stakeholder Relations at Ivanhoe Cambridge, which owns the Eaton Centre, and she let us know what changes shoppers should expect when the doors reopen.

To start, masks and gloves will be worn by all employees at all times.

Although masks are not being made mandatory for shoppers, they're highly recommended.

And when it comes to trying on clothing, each store will have its own policy. So, you'll have to ask everywhere you go.

Shoppers should expect to see plexiglass at all registers to ensure the safety of both themselves and the store employees.

There will be a limited amount of people allowed in each store to maintain social distancing. 

Roux Groleau let us know that "health and safety are of the utmost importance" and that many new "preventative measures" will be implemented in the Eaton Centre.

These measures emphasize the importance of cleanliness for both employees and shoppers.

Throughout the centre, shoppers will be able to find hand sanitizer dispensers, which were put in before the mall's mandatory closure.

Plus, there will always be soap in the washrooms.

In preparation for the reopening, they made sure to add signage and stickers throughout the mall, which indicate the two-metre distances for people to keep at all times.

Arrows will be put on the store floors to direct clients as to which way to walk. This will help reduce the chance of clients getting too close to one another.

The Eaton Centre will also have added security guards to help remind people of the protocols and guidelines implemented by the Government of Quebec that must be followed.

Roux Groleau additionally said that there will be "increased housekeeping in common areas, which includes all high traffic areas such as door handles, elevator buttons, and railings."

So, things will be cleaner than ever before. Happy shopping!

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