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Here's The Meaning Behind The Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts' Newest Street Art (PHOTOS)

A walk along avenue Du Musée is a must this summer.
Here's The Meaning Behind The Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts' Newest Street Art (PHOTOS)

Next time you're taking a little stroll along rue Sherbrooke, make sure to take a moment at avenue Du Musée to see the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts' new outdoor street installation, Adrift.

Adrift will be up until October 2021 and it holds a powerful message. "It integrates a poem by Innu author Joséphine Bacon in tribute to the glaciers, whose accelerated melting is threatening numerous species and populations," the museum wrote in a press release.

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The piece also shares similar themes with the exhibitions Ecologies: A Song for Our Planet and Riopelle: The Call of Northern Landscapes and Indigenous Cultures, which you can explore inside of the museum.

You can sit on glacier-like stones and scan the QR code found alongside it to listen to the poem Adrift by Bacon in tandem with the street art, making it a multisensory experience

"Thousands of years ago, a glacier melt permitted the first Indigenous peoples to settle in territories they inhabit to this very day, in synergy with nature. The installation invites city dwellers to set themselves 'adrift' in town and be carried off by a stream as formidable in nature as it is fragile, that reclaims its rightful place at the very heart of a city," explained Collectif Incognito, the group behind the installation.

Adrift In Front Of The Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts

Address: Along avenue Du Musée 

Why You Need To See It: To have an educational and eye-opening experience while in the centre of the city.

Pierre Longtin for The Museum Of Fine Arts