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Montreal's McCord Museum Will Be Free To Visit For 100 Days

Here's what you can see.

Montreal's McCord Museum Will Be Free To Visit For 100 Days

In anticipation of its upcoming 100th anniversary, Montreal's McCord Museum will be free for 100 days starting on October 13.

"To mark the Museum's 100th anniversary, we wanted to offer Montrealers of all backgrounds and all visitors a gift," Suzanne Sauvage, president and CEO of the McCord, said in a press release.

During the 100 days of free admission, the McCord Museum will be hosting several exhibitions.

Ongoing exhibitions include a new and improved exhibit of Indigenous art and a special exhibit about the iconic cartoonist Serge Chapleau.

There are also a few highly-anticipated exhibits, including one on 1980s fashion and the annual holiday exhibit.

"The Museums centenary is an opportunity for us to look to the future, reflect, exchange points of view and forge bonds with diverse communities," Sauvage concluded.

The McCord Museum will be free to attend until January 19, 2022.

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