Quebec's New COVID-19 Case Count Dipped Below 100 For The First Time In Weeks

For the first time in months, Quebec has recorded fewer than 100 new COVID-19 cases in a single day, according to Health Minister Christian Dubé.  

In the last 24 hours, Quebec recorded 98 new infections. It also added 58 earlier cases "resulting from an adjustment related to the transfer of the data source" to the count, for a total of 60,627 since the beginning of the health crisis.

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It's the first time in a month that we've recorded fewer than 100 cases in Quebec. 

Chrisitan Dubé

"I've always said that each new case is one case too many because there's a chance it could lead to death," said Dubé.

He noted that even though there's been a steady number of new cases due to deconfinement, he praised the work of Quebecers for following the health regulations. 

In one day, Dubé mentioned, Quebec has the capability to conduct around 18,000 tests. However, in many municipalities, he mentioned that it still takes too long to obtain testing results.