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The Quebec-Ontario Border Is Now Open & Here's What That Means

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The Quebec-Ontario Border Is Now Open & Here's What That Means

Though it's unclear who missed whom the most, the Quebec-Ontario border restrictions are finally over and non-essential interprovincial travel is allowed.

There are just a few things to keep in mind if you're planning to go to Ontario by car to see the giant sasquatch statue or if you want to zipline into Ottawa like Batman. 

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No checkpoints!

Remember that prior to June 16, interprovincial travel was restricted for only essential reasons such as work or medical emergencies. 

Even though travel by train, bus, and plane was allowed, border checkpoints reportedly caused significant traffic congestion (something that Quebecers are all too familiar with).

But as of Wednesday, you're all clear and will only have to contend with normal levels of road congestion.

You can do (almost) anything!

Ontarians are asked to follow regional health rules in Quebec.

In a press release, the Government of Quebec specifically noted that people from Ontario are allowed to dine at Quebec restaurants "within the limits of the rules applicable to each [health] zone."

The 14-day isolation requirement for Quebecers returning home from Ontario has also expired.

Quebecers should note that, as of the time of writing, their province has more things open than Ontario. 

Ontario's rules can be found online.

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