The SPVM Gave Out Almost 4x More Tickets Last Week Than The One Before

The tickets were results of calls made to the SPVM about red alert rule-breaking.
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The SPVM Gave Out Almost 4x More Tickets Last Week Than The One Before

The SPVM's previous weekly update, showing data from October 4 to 11, reported that police received 765 calls about potential breaches of red alert rules in Montreal during this time.

As a result, 28 statements of offence or serious incident reports were issued during that week.

Now, the SPVM has indicated that 600 calls were put in about possible rule-breaking of public health protocols within the week of October 12 to 18. And in that time, 109 tickets were handed out.

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The SPVM received 165 fewer calls this week than the week prior but handed out nearly four times the number of statements of offence between October 12 to 18 than they did during the seven previous days.

If these numbers indicate anything, it's that police could be starting to get more strict towards individuals going against the current red alert measures put in place in Montreal.

Furthermore, "29 licensed establishments, 297 schools and 279 other locations" around the city were inspected by the SPVM the week of October 12.

As it stands right now, Montreal is set to remain under red alert lockdown until October 28 — although Premier François Legault has previously said such could be extended.

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