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The STM Is Testing Its New All-Electric Buses But Their Exact Routes Are A Secret

You might get to ride one if you're lucky.

Staff Writer
The STM Is Testing Its New All-Electric Buses But Their Exact Routes Are A Secret

Next time you take the bus, take a closer look because you might just be one of the lucky Montrealers who get to experience the STM's all-new electric buses. This month, the STM is testing its new fleet and allowing customers to board.

"The several weeks-long testing periods will be the first time that the public has ever boarded the vehicles, representing one of the final phases of performance validation before the official commissioning," the STM says in a press release.

The STM purchased 30 of these buses and aims to officially roll them out in 2022.

This final stage of testing means they're operating on actual routes for the first time.

"The main objective of this testing phase is to check all the features that could not be validated during the phases conducted without passengers, such as boarding and exiting, real-time information display, payment system functioning and customer comfort," the STM says.

These tests will also determine which routes and schedules are the best fit for the new buses.

A limited number of vehicles will be zooming around bus lines that serve "the western and northwestern areas of the city," according to the STM. They'll only be in this part of town because the buses are being serviced at the Stinson bus garage, located on that part of the island.

The company could not confirm exact routes.

"If the testing goes as planned over the next few weeks, the STM is confident that it will be able to commission all of the new vehicles in winter 2022," the transit company says.

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