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You Can Pick Macarons In Every Colour Of The Rainbow At This Pink Montreal Pâtisserie

AND then put them on top of ice cream while there.
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You Can Pick Macarons In Every Colour Of The Rainbow At This Pink Montreal Pâtisserie

One of my favourite desserts in the world is the macaron. So light, so airy, yet so full of flavour. And they're so incredibly intricate and beautiful that they're like little mini masterpieces. And when it comes to macaron spots in Montreal, Point G "Plaisirs gourmand" offers a pâtisserie that's basically an art gallery.

Most people think of France when they think of macarons.

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And with so many French influences and French chefs here in Montreal, it's no surprise that we've become masters of the French pastry.

The pâtisserie was started by Julien Reignier, a French pastry chef who fell in love with Quebec and decided to call Montreal home.

Not that we can blame him.

Since opening Point G, Julien has taken the macarons making and turned it into an absolute passion. 

According to the website and translated from French, "Pastries for Julien is about all a love story; a love affair with people, food and life. The happiness and emotions that a gourmet cuisine can arouse has no equal in the eyes of this enthusiast, whose creative process truly appeals to the five senses."

I mean, I don't know what's more beautiful: The macarons or that quote.

The team also uses local ingredients to create their impeccable flavours.

These include classics like pistachio, dark chocolate and sea salt caramel, as well as some more unique flavours, like raspberry champagne and mojito. 

As you walk into the store, you'll be greeted by an absolute tower of macarons that seem to fly above you like the light and wispy delights that they are. 

You'll then find a long display of macarons that feels like it goes on forever and that you'll never want to end. And you'll come to the grand finale of a gorgeous case filled with the gorgeous creations.

Because the only thing better than eating a Point G macaron is gazing at how impeccably perfect they truly are.

You can also get other French pastries, like a madeleine or a cannelé.

Oh and, did we mention there's ice cream there too?

So the next time you're looking for a little bit of art in your life and need to satisfy your sweet tooth, Point G is exactly what you need. 

Point G "Plaisirs Gourmands"

Address: 1255, ave. Mont-Royal E, Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: Because the desserts are too beautiful not to try!

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