This Montreal Condo Has Studios With Smart-Home Technology To Maximize Your Living Space

They're fully equipped with built-in furniture.
This Montreal Condo Has Studios With Smart-Home Technology To Maximize Your Living Space

After a long day, nothing beats coming home and relaxing in your own personal space. Now that the lifestyle of remote working has taken off, finding comfortable amenities is more than handy — it's pretty much essential. If you're interested in living in the ever-entertaining Quartier des Spectacles, check out MTL Développement's new condo project, La Tour Fides, led by the company's president and CEO, Labid Aljundi.

This unique building takes luxury living to a whole new level. With built-in furniture and smart technology integrated into the living space, residents get the most cutting-edge opportunities on the market. Wondering why you're only hearing about it now? Well, that's because it's brand new — literally. The first-to-market technology in their Smart Studios makes everything from relaxing to working a total breeze. 

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Chances are, you caught one of the many 90s flicks that envisioned a future of smart homes. Well, even those couldn't picture this level of automation. The Smart Studios at La Tour Fides are crafted to maximize utility while keeping you in the proverbial driver's seat. Prepping for a relaxing bath in your sleek bathroom with quartz and ceramic tiles? Use the mood lighting and adjust the intensity entirely via remote. Want to cool down on a hot day (or heat up during Montreal's notoriously cold winters)? Everything from the HVAC system to the alarm features is fully integrated. If you love routines, you can opt for a pre-set schedule, or throw caution to the wind with new experiences every day. From voice control to a smartphone-compatible app, you'll get to know your abode on a whole new level. 

The offering is especially handy for young professionals who are so focused on their career that perhaps they've put luxuries like specialty furniture on the backburner. This smart-designed home is equipped with built-in furnishings that somehow stand out while making you feel right at home. When La Tour Fides talks about optimizing space, they mean it. 

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There's a murphy bed and an innovative work desk that seamlessly transitions into a dinner table. Prepare brunch on gorgeous kitchen countertops while revelling in your beautiful backsplash. 

You'll probably get the urge to hit the town and explore your surroundings. Montreal is world-renowned for arts and culture, after all. Well, this condo complex puts you right in the middle of the action. Everything from the ninth floor and up has a completely unobstructed view of the city's amazing downtown skyline. A stone's throw from Berri-UQAM (connection to the major metro lines), you're also right near all the festivals and galleries you know and love. Looking for something more low key? You won't have to go far since La Tour Fides is super close to the classic splendour of the Old Port and Old Montreal.

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Naturally, after you've gotten your stride in the borough, you'll want to show off your digs to friends and families. La Tour Fides has you covered with a spot specifically designed for hosting guests. Put them up in the guest suite while you explore the building together. All the profits go towards the condo association, and thus back into the building. Clever, right? 

So, after you've whipped up dinner on your quartz (or marble) countertop, run your guests down to discover over 12,000 square feet of exciting common areas. Maybe you want to workout in the gym or swim some laps in the pool. Nourish your soul in the yoga studio or let off some steam in the squash court. 

Once you're good and tired out from the energizing stuff, you can enjoy the cinema with its massive screen and reclining seats. If only half the guests like the movie, don't worry. They can jaunt down to the game room for a session of pool or some video games. 

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Sounds like a lot, right? Well, if you live at La Tour Fides, the beauty is that you don't have to do it all in one day. You can kick back in your studio while making the most of the built-in furniture and smart-home technology. Need something bigger? There are one- and two-bedrooms, plus available penthouses. With new innovations and cutting-edge smart tech, comfortable living has never been easier.

The best part? It's a viable investment for young professionals. With a high housing demand, you can expect a good return. The down payment is somewhere between 10 and 35%, letting you split the deposits over time. Breaking ground in 2021, this is an exciting opportunity that lets you make the most of modern tech while planning for the future. 

To learn more about La Tour Fides, check out their website. You can follow them on Instagram and Facebook.