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This Montreal-Made Financial App Actually Helps You Budget No Matter Your Experience Level

Take control of your money!
This Montreal-Made Financial App Actually Helps You Budget No Matter Your Experience Level

Way back in the day, if you wanted to plan out the purchase of a car, a house, an investment, or simply save money, a financial advisor or expert was the only way to go.

If you were really motivated, you might trek from bank to bank armed with documents, then return home to spend several hours analyzing all the options before trying to make the right decision. 

And although there's nothing wrong with doing that, navigating the world of finance does take a lot of meticulous planning, decision-making, and organization.

But one Montreal-made app is making managing your money super easy.

Hardbacon's mobile app lets you connect your savings and investment accounts, and manage them simply from one single platform. 

This means that whether you want to purchase that new gaming system or super high-tech TV without having to go into debt, or if you have much loftier goals like homeownership, this app can help you do it.

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One of the main causes of financial distress is that we often spend more than our budget can handle.

By synchronizing your financial accounts with this application, you will be able to quickly analyze your spending habits.

To put it simply, you will be able to accurately see the impact that all of your weekly UberEats orders have on your wallet or the results of spending over $200 at the grocery store.

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Goodbye trying to figure out where your last paycheck went!

You can even use Hardbacon to construct a budget, and add spending limits for each category. The app can then send you a notification if you exceed your budget.

Whether you want to buy a little piece of land to set up your home or turn $100 into a million, Hardbacon will ensure that you are always aware of the many financial options available at your fingertips.

Using the application's financial product comparison tool, you can compare the financial costs associated with products such as savings accounts, chequing accounts, mortgages, and online brokers from 450 different options.

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Comparing your options could help you save between $300 and $1,000 a year! That's money you can then invest and, of course, profit from.

Hardbacon can also help you choose the credit card that will provide you with the most benefits based on your consumption habits.

Speaking of smart investments, if you like using the Hardbacon app and think it could be helpful for your community, you can even invest in their FrontFundr. They already raised more than $700,000 from about 500 investors on FrontFundr, and the round will remain open until February 26th.

If you want to learn more about ways to save money, you can visit Hardbacon's website or check out their Facebook and Instagram.