This Site Shows You Information On Your Montreal Landlord

A local housing advocacy group called it a potentially "empowering tool for tenants."
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This Site Shows You Information On Your Montreal Landlord

An online resource has compiled information about Montreal landlords all in one place. "Find My Landlord" is the creation of local web developer Chris Bitsakis, who told MTL Blog that "the vacancies of the commercial strip on Notre-Dame in St-Henri were a catalyst to me making the app."

With a highly-accessible user interface, Montrealers can type in their address and find some information about their landlord, including their name or any corporate affiliation. 

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It could be an empowering tool for tenants wishing to resist renovictions or simply trying to get more information to reach out to their landlords. 

Véronique Laflamme, FRAPRU spokesperson

Bitsakis notes, however, that "properties may have changed ownership since the data was initially collected" and "there may also be some inaccuracies due to the large size of the dataset."

The map is colour-coded according to how many properties a landlord is reported to own. Bright red circles indicate that a landlord potentially owns more than 50 properties on the Island of Montreal. 

Véronique Laflamme, spokesperson for the Front d'action populaire en réaménagement urbain (FRAPRU) called "Find My Landlord" a potentially "empowering tool" for all Montreal renters. 

"Individual initiatives, like this application, can be really useful to have information and data," explained Laflamme. 

She believes, however, that resources like this one or public lease registers should be readily available and funded by the provincial government instead of a community organization. 

"It should be the Quebec government's responsibility to implement [a lease register], allowing tenants to have access to information concerning rents and precedent leases."

"Thus, they would be able to know if they suffered an abusive rent increase," said Laflamme. 

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