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If you've looked for an apartment in Montreal recently, you're probably all-too-familiar with rising rents, line-ups for apartment visits and the general feeling of helplessness that comes with living through a housing crisis.

But a Quebec nonprofit is trying to put the agency back into the hands of local renters. La Base, an organization that works to create, operate and support open data projects, has built a citizens' rent registry, providing the public with a place to review rent prices online before committing to a lease.

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The months leading up to Quebec's July 1 "Moving Day" are a popular time for apartment lease renewals in Montreal. That's why it's all the more important to be aware of your rights as a tenant right now. 

To make matters more complicated, a statement from the City of Montreal says that the number of available units has decreased significantly over the years with the vacancy rate in Montreal slightly above 3%, compared to 1.6% last year.

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The Mile End's beloved S.W. Welch bookstore will be sticking around for another two years after a negotiation with its landlord, Shiller-Lavy Realties, according to a post on the store's Facebook page. 

Over the past few weeks, all eyes have been on the small bookstore on rue Saint-Viateur after it became the crux of a community movement against gentrification

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An online resource has compiled information about Montreal landlords all in one place. "Find My Landlord" is the creation of local web developer Chris Bitsakis, who told MTL Blog that "the vacancies of the commercial strip on Notre-Dame in St-Henri were a catalyst to me making the app."

With a highly-accessible user interface, Montrealers can type in their address and find some information about their landlord, including their name or any corporate affiliation. 

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With fall just around the corner, Montrealers across the city are starting to plan their end-of-year moves. Searching for apartments in Montreal can be daunting, especially in a city with so many remodeled and affordable choices. But while rents have been generally reasonable, they tend to fluctuate depending on your hood of choice.

To make your life easier during this second apartment hunting season, we’ve combed through recently posted local rentals to find an example of apartments in 18 Montreal boroughs, all under $1,200/month.

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There is a Tumblr blog called Fuck No, Montreal that is notorious for finding unusual people and places around the city. On Friday (April 25th) they posted an ad for the worst apartment in Montreal. They weren't kidding, but "worst" isn't the right word to describe this seemingly abandoned, nightmarish, piece of shit apartment.

Yes it's in terrible shape; the paint is peeling, the walls are literally crumbling, there are holes everywhere including the ceiling, but the most disturbing part is that someone actually lives there. You can tell by all those neatly organized products and appliances surrounding the kitchen sink, which we can only assume is also the bathroom sink, and the shower ... and the toilet.

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Photo cred - Flickr

If there is one thing most Montrealers can agree to have in common, its our transitory existence. Don’t worry, I’m not getting metaphysical on you... I’m talking about living situation.

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