Trudeau Says 'Enough Quebec Bashing' After Prof Called Out Gov't Denial Of Systemic Racism

The professor called Quebec the "Alabama of the North."
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Trudeau Says 'Enough Quebec Bashing' After Prof's Statements

After University of Ottawa Professor Amir Attaran took to Twitter to call out the Quebec government's denial of systemic racism, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has demanded an end to what he called "Quebec bashing."

Attaran has also called Quebec the "Alabama of the North" and said the province is "led by a white supremacist government."

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"As a Quebecer, I'm always sorry when people try to propagate shock statements to irritate, to have a bit of publicity," Trudeau said Monday at a joint press conference with Premier François Legault. 

"We will always defend freedom of expression. But that's enough Quebec-bashing."

In response to Attaran's tweets, the University of Ottawa put out a statement saying the "professor does not speak on behalf of the University, nor has he made any claim to do so."

"This is his personal opinion, expressed on his personal Twitter account. His opinion does not reflect in any way the position of the University of Ottawa."

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