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T-Shirts With Jeff Petry's Red Eyes Are Being Sold In Montreal & It's A Mood

Wait until you see the back! 👀
T-Shirts With Jeff Petry's Red Eyes Are For Sale In Montreal

Remember when Jeff Petry became an instant meme after stepping onto the ice with frightening red eyes during game two against the Vegas Golden Knights?

It was due to an injury, the poor thing. But if you — or Petry — were hoping to forget the haunting memory, it might take longer than expected because the Montreal Canadiens' official store is now selling Petry "Red Eye" T-shirts.

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The front of the T-shirt shows an image of Petry with piercing crimson eyes.

The back is more subtle, yet also creepier. Against the black backdrop, all you see are two red eyes in the upper corner. Better watch your back! 

The shirts range in size from small to triple XL and cost $44.99 each.

Get well soon, Petry.

Petry "Red Eye" T-shirt

Price: $44.99

Details: Support Petry and the Canadiens with a limited-edition T-shirt commemorating the iconic red eyes that rocked Habs fans everywhere. 

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