Turns Out Canadians Pay More For A Starbucks Latte Than Americans — Here's How Much More

But at least we pay WAY less than they do in Switzerland.

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Starbucks employee, right: woman drinking Starbucks.

Starbucks employee, right: woman drinking Starbucks.

We all know Starbucks Canada can be a little pricey, but that never seems to stop us.

The beauty of Starbucks is the fact that you can find one in all kinds of cities around the world and sometimes it's nice to find a similar place in an area that is unknown to you.

It turns out that Starbucks prices in 80+ countries aren't very consistent, so the company may look familiar to you, but the prices may not.

According to a press release, "Canada has the 35th most expensive Starbucks in the world, at a very middle-of-the-road $3.85 for a Tall Latte."

This data was discovered through a study conducted by Saving Spot, which analyzed delivery apps to find out the cost of a Tall Latte in every country where a Starbucks is found.

This data also tells us that Canadians have to pay an average of $0.59 more at this coffee shop chain than Americans do.

But, $3.85 for a latte doesn't sound all that bad when you compare it to Switzerland, where the same drink would cost you $7.17. Suddenly Starbucks Canada isn't sounding too shabby, eh?

Switzerland also has the world’s most expensive Starbucks item: the Iced Caramel Macchiato that costs $9.31.

Out of all the countries the study looked at, Turkey is said to have the cheapest Starbucks, where you can get a Tall Latte for only $1.31.

Saving Spot

But, when it comes to affordability, the United States is said to be the most affordable country for Starbucks, followed by Norway and Austria. The study found that a Tall Latte from Starbucks is least affordable in Cambodia, India and Vietnam.

All prices listed in this article are in USD.

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