'Un mot pour Kevin' Viral Video Star Is On A T-Shirt & You Can Buy It

After 13 years out of the spotlight, that guy from Quebec's most notorious viral video, "Un mot pour Kevin," is back in the public eye selling t-shirts with his face on them.

Now with long hair and a beard, Claude Asselin, whose "Awaille Kevin" was heard around the world (and viewed 1.8 million times), is looking great in a simply sweet T-shirt from Poches & Fils.

If you're sitting there wondering who and what the hell we're talking about, follow us while we take a trip to Quebec YouTube some 13 years ago when times were simpler and the internet wasn't a living nightmare.

The premise of "Un mot pour Kevin" is a simple one. Kevin was having a birthday party in his backyard and one of his friends took out his digital camera (remember those?) and filmed the party-goers giving well-wishes to Kevin.

Un mot pour Kevin Soper666 | YouTube

Even though the whole video is a masterpiece of Quebec culture, one part that's transcended the video itself is Asselin's impeccable quote: "Awaille Kevin, ostie, continue comme ça!"

It's this iconic moment that's been immortalized on a T-shirt 13 years later. The shirt, designed by Quebec artist Matt Chessco, is for sale right now for $39.99.

As for Kevin, we all know what he's getting for his birthday this year!