"Love hurts" is the message from Montreal's Savvy Barbershop after two lovers crashed through its glass front door while attempting to make out.

Security video of the incident has garnered hundreds of reactions on the shop's Facebook page and has since appeared on social media meme accounts.

The 20-second video shows the couple enter Savvy's seemingly private front alcove and cuddle up against the door before both crash through, landing on top of each other inside the shop.

The two then quickly get up and leave the alcove, disappearing from the view of the camera.

Savvy owner Mikey Rose told Narcity and MTL Blog that the couple still hasn't been identified.

This isn't the first time the window has been broken, either. According to Rose, an individual threw a brick at the storefront in 2019.

"We're not sure why the window broke so easily [this time]," he said. "Love?"