This Quebec Teen's Viral TikTok Character Is Someone We've All (Unfortunately) Met Before

Mégane is a customer service agent from hell.
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This Quebec Teen's Viral TikTok Character Is Someone We've All (Unfortunately) Met Before

We've all encountered a Mégane — that bubble-gum smacking, eye-rolling customer service agent who really shouldn't be anywhere near customers. But now, at last, it seems Mégane has another career option: TikTok celebrity.

The viral TikTok character is the creation of Montrealer Ophélie Jacques, 17, (fifidonthavealife on TikTok) who told MTL Blog that the hilarious and perpetually-annoyed retail and call centre worker started as a joke with a friend.

"After that, it was really just me imagining all the times I met this kind of [character] in my life and exaggerating it a bit to give life to the Mégane we know today."

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Ben là, monsieur... je sais pas, moi... je vous transfère!


The videos in Jacques' Mégane series, which imagine the customer service agent taking on a number of different jobs (presumably after getting fired each time), have garnered millions of views on TikTok.

One video with a whopping 5.2 million views shows a particularly unhelpful Mégane as a call centre agent dealing with a number of unlucky clients, transferring them at the first sign of difficulty and not hesitating to cut a call short when it's time for her break.

Her best attempt at helping: "Have you tried restarting it?"

Another video shows her as a pushy manicurist with a lot of opinions about her customer's choices.

For Mégane, sometimes the best way to deal with customers who don't speak French is to just close the store early.

You can see all of Mégane's job-hopping antics on Ophélie's TikTok page.

Her mother, Mathilde Einhorn, told MTL Blog that the videos now even have a following as far as France and Belgium.

For the sake of Mégane's customers, let's hope that international stardom allows her to quit retail.

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