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There Has Been A Big Spike In Drownings & Near-Drownings In Montreal & Laval

Here's how to stay safe.
There Has Been A Big Spike In Drownings & Near-Drownings In Montreal & Laval

Urgences-santé says there were five times as many "drownings and near drownings that led to a 9-1-1 call" in June 2021 as there were in June 2020 in Montreal and Laval.

The ambulance service reported 20 such calls last month. In June 2019, there were 12 calls.

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The organization is urging Montrealers and to "[remain] vigilant when near the water" — and to learn CPR.

"Survival can hinge on how quickly CPR is performed as the survival rate of a person who goes into cardiac arrest decreases by up to 10% for every minute without treatment," Urgences-santé wrote in a press release.

It also said its "medical dispatchers can instruct callers on how to perform a cardiac massage until the responders' arrival."

Urgences-santé further recommends that swimming parties appoint a "dedicated watcher." 

In a summer 2020 interview with MTL Blog, a spokesperson for the Société de Sauvetage also advised Quebecers to wear life jackets when in the water, research potential dangers at every swimming location, swim with other people and limit alcohol consumption.

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