U.S. Hockey Arenas Have No Masks Or Distancing & It's Like Another Planet (PHOTOS & VIDEO)

As the Montreal Canadiens playoff series against the Vegas Golden Knights rages on, one thing has been abundantly clear — having a sellout crowd cheering you on makes a HUGE difference.

And while Montreal seems to be far from allowing 20,000 people into the Bell Centre, it's encouraging to see fans in the U.S.

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In the U.S., fans have been regularly packing some arenas.

In Montreal, meanwhile, only 3,500 fans are allowed in the Bell Centre.

Outside of the Bell Centre is a different story, but the crowds still pale in comparison to the sellout crowds in the U.S.

The CDC has said that Americans who are fully vaccinated can largely "resume activities [they] did prior to the pandemic" free from most pandemic-era rules.

In Vegas, for instance, fans were maskless and without any social distancing.

When do you think the Bell Centre will be able to welcome back a sellout crowd to cheer on the Habs?