You Need To Try The Ice Cream Sandwiches At This Spot Near Montreal Before Summer's Over

They're truly what sweet dreams are made of.
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You Need To Try The Ice Cream Sandwiches At This Spot Near Montreal Before Summer's Over

What's better than a really good sandwich? An ice cream sandwich, of course. And when it comes to the best ice cream sandwiches, look no further than Walker's Ice Cream over on the South Shore. With some time still left in summer, there's no better time to go for one last ice cream treat of the season.

But since we're Canadian, we know that any time of year is ice cream time — even in the cold.

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That said, there really is something so perfect about ice cream in the summer. Especially during the summer heat we've experienced this year.

Walker's serves chocolate, vanilla and cotton candy soft-serve ice cream between two delicious cookies.

And not just you're typical chocolate chip cookie or even a sugar cookie.

The menu offers a wide range of cookies and combinations, including salted caramel, M&M's and a brookie (one brownie and one cookie). 

You can even grab an ice cream cookie cake or a box because we know everyone's going to want to try.

In fact, if you buy 12 cookies, you get the 13th for free.

And if you're craving just ice cream or just a cookie, don't worry. You can grab one of those, too.

There's also an option to make an epic custom cookie to bring all of your cookie dreams to life. 

There are also delicious bars, pints and a drink menu for you to try.

Now, the other thing that everybody wants to do while the weather's still warm is go for walks with the pups.

Well, good news, pups are welcome, too.

All well-behaved fur babies get a free doggy treat made of two peanut butter cookies in the shape of a bone with vanilla ice cream in between.

Plus, they'll get their photo taken for the Puppy-Wall-Of-Fame.

Who's a good doggy??

Hopefully yours!

Walker's is currently offering curb-side pickup, so all you have to do is order online and head on over. 

Next time you need somewhere to chill out or you and your furry best friend need that delicious pick-me-up, head over to the South Shore.

Walker's Ice Cream

Address: 126, rue Principale a, Châteauguay, QC

Why You Need To Go: For you and your pup to enjoy a delicious ice cream treat!

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