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Watch Out Quebec, Denis Coderre Is Teasing A 'Comeback'

It’s currently unclear what he's actually referring to.

Former Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre.

Former Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre.

After abandoning politics for the second time after a showy loss to Valérie Plante in 2021, former Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre has taken to Facebook to tease… well, to tease something.

“Well, I guess I’ll break the news tomorrow…" Coderre wrote coyly in his August 15 post. Alongside a low-res smiling photo of himself, he revealed that "a comeback… or two… is brewing," striking a healthy curiosity through the hearts of politically conscious Quebecers everywhere.

After his last jump from the electoral ship in 2021, Coderre promised to "do other things." But it’s worth noting that this wasn’t even the first time he made such claims – after his first monumental loss in the 2017 election (also against Valérie Plante, of course), Coderre also announced that he was abandoning politics then, only to represent himself in 2021.

Quebecers have a reason to be apprehensive about his recent pre-announcement, which could truly lead anywhere. We’ll just have to wait until Wednesday when Coderre said his big news would finally break.

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