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Here's What You'll Be Able To Do When Montreal Becomes A Yellow Zone On Monday

Alert levels are dropping — but what does that actually mean?
Here's What You'll Be Able To Do When Montreal Becomes A Yellow Zone On Monday

Premier François Legault announced that Montreal will become a COVID-19 yellow zone on June 14, along with eight other regions, eliminating all orange and red zones in the province.

But what does moving to the yellow zone actually mean for our day-to-day lives? Here's what you need to know about yellow zone rules coming into effect on Monday.

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Indoor and outdoor gatherings

In yellow zones, you can gather with friends in homes — both indoors and outdoors, with similar limitations.

Indoor gatherings are limited to the occupants of two different households, regardless of how many people that entails.

Outdoor gatherings in private yards and on balconies are permitted with a maximum of eight people from different addresses or all the occupants of two households.

Mask-wearing and social distancing are mandatory in both situations.

Restaurants and bars

As of June 14, Montrealers will be able to dine inside restaurants and on terrasses with new rules.

Instead of two people from two different households being allowed to sit together, tables can now accommodate all the occupants of two addresses.

For example, this could be two couples, two families or two groups of housemates.

Bars will also be able to open their interiors — not just their terrasses — at 50% capacity with the same table limits as restaurants.

Singing and dancing are not permitted, customers have to remain seated at their tables and liquor will stop being served at 11 p.m., with bars closing at midnight.


Whereas masks had to be worn throughout a movie in orange zones, yellow zoners can remove their masks once seated, provided they remain silent.

There must be 1.5 metres of distance between individuals who do not reside at the same address — as opposed to 2 metres in orange zones.

Interregional travel

Travelling to different regions and cities is still not recommended in yellow zones.

Travel between different regions and cities in Quebec will be possible once more of the province is a green zone.

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