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Legault Says Quebecers Just Have To Wait 73 More Days Until 'Freedom'

All Quebecers who want a vaccine should be able to get the first dose by June 24.
Legault Says Quebecers Just Have To Wait 73 More Days Until 'Freedom'

Premier François Legault said Quebecers have to wait just 73 more days — until June 24 — for the province to give vaccine doses to all willing adults, calling this the date we can expect to return to "normalcy."

Following destructive anti-curfew protests in the Old Port of Montreal over the weekend, Legault said he understands young people are "fed up" with COVID-19 measures.

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"I understand what you're going through. I know how important social life and friends can be at your age. I'm not judging you," he said. 

"But more and more young people are getting sick, so, please, follow the rules to protect [yourselves]."

Legault said "freedom" from COVID-19 in Quebec means getting a COVID-19 vaccine, which he expects will happen in time for summer.

"Not only the vaccine for the elderly, but also the vaccines for the youngest [...]. Everyone who wants to be vaccinated by June 24 will be able to be vaccinated. So that means we have 73 days left. 73 days. And after that, it's going to be summer," he said.

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