Wild Turkeys Are Roaming Rosemont & The Borough (Ironically) Asked People Not To Eat Them

Some people are saying they're going to have them for Christmas dinner...
Wild Turkeys Are Roaming Rosemont & The Borough (Ironically) Asked People Not To Eat Them

Montreal is full of colourful characters. Sometimes those characters are people, other times they're animals, most times, they're orange cones — this time, they're wild turkeys in Rosemont.

These wild animals were spotted in an alley between Saint-Vallier, Chateaubriand and Beaubien, as the Arrondissement de Rosemont - La Petite-Patrie Facebook page informed us.

But no need to stress, it says these "fearful" birds are unlikely to cause any danger.

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Do not attempt to capture them as they will quickly leave the area on their own.

Arrondissement de Rosemont - La Petite-Patrie

The borough confirmed with MTL Blog that they "have not received any complaints or breakages" caused by the turkeys.

These birds generally do not approach humans and we're told to walk by them "as you would a raccoon or squirrel."

So pretty much, just pretend like you're not walking by a wild turkey in the middle of our city — act natural... if that's even possible. 

The turkeys may also be attracted to food sources, like seeds, and green spaces. They're basically like true Montrealers; we love our parks, too.

Speaking of food, a handful of people in the comment section of the post are saying these birds would make for a great Christmas meal... But the borough asks that you "think about another holiday food because it won't fit in your freezer!"

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