You Can Actually Rent A Dog For A Day In Montreal

Well, what are you waiting for?
You Can Actually Rent A Dog For A Day In Montreal

Is there anything a phone can't get you these days? Food delivery? Check. Wine? Check. Marijuana? Check. A four-legged, furry friend to hang out with? Check. 

This is better than all the UberEats we could think of. You can rent a pup for a day, right here in Montreal. Maybe you're having a bad day? Maybe your office needs a little morale boost. Maybe you're an Instagram influencer who knows the only way to up your game is with a photoshoot that will make people #awwwwwwww their fingers off. Or hell, maybe you just need something fluffy to pet

Dogtime Community can fulfil each and every one of those needs. It's less of a why and really more of a why not! 

Dogtime Community currently has 211 dogs to choose from in the Montreal area. Each pup comes with photos, a description of their personality, availability and a map to show you what area they are located in. 

People have rented dogs to take on a walk, for emotional support, for birthday parties or like the guy below who surprised his girlfriend with a marriage proposal. Because who could say no to those faces??

It's like a dating app but with dogs! You just choose the dog you think is the cutest and enter into the perfect No Strings Attached role of pet ownership.  

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Owning a dog is a tough job that takes time, serious commitment and money. And while there is nothing better, in terms of return on investment, some of us aren't able to take on that level of responsibility

But with renting a dog for a day, It's a great way to get all the perks from having a dog without actually having a dog.

With Dogtime Community you do pay a monthly membership fee of $12.49 but they give you 30 days free when you first sign up. The membership fee also helps with verification since you have to enter your credit card.

Watch the MTL Blog video below to see the dogs in action!

The app is available to download for both Android and iOS

Rent a Dog For a Day In Montreal

WHERE: Dogtime Community. Check out the map of pups here

COST: Membership fees are $12.49 per month. Dog rentals depend on dog and event. 


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