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Most Quebecers Are Planning Holiday Gatherings Despite COVID-19 This Year

It's COVID, schmovid for most of us, according to a new survey.

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Most Quebecers Are Planning Holiday Gatherings Despite COVID-19 This Year

Despite the ongoing COVID-19 situation and the emergence of the Omicron variant, most Quebecers are still planning holiday gatherings, according to a new Angus Reid Institute survey.

Between November 26 and 29, the survey asked 565 people in the province whether or not they'll be participating in the following holiday functions this year: family dinners, visits to local friends or relatives, visits to friends or relatives in another community, workplace parties and events at places of worship.

While 59% of Quebecers said they were "moderately" or "very" concerned about getting sick, the poll reveals that many of them are willing to spend the holidays communing with friends and family.

77% of Quebecers polled said they are planning to have a family dinner. 67% said they would visit friends and family in the province.

Only 24% of Quebecers polled said that they were planning to travel outside the province to visit friends and family. Similarly, only 23%, said that they would be attending a workplace holiday party with coworkers.

Even fewer, only 9%, of Quebecers said that they would attend a place of worship for the holidays. That's the lowest percentage in Canada, although Quebecers are less religious than other Canadians.

The survey also asked Quebecers about the vaccination status of house guests at planned holiday parties.

62% of respondents said guests would be exclusively fully vaccinated. 23%, meanwhile, said that most people would be vaccinated, but "a few people might not be." Only 8% said there will be a "mix of both" at holiday gatherings, while 7% answered that they weren't sure or wouldn't be asking guests about their vaccination status.

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