A New Poll Reveals That Most Quebecers Are For The Vaccine Passport

Canadians outside the province are less likely to support the passport.

A new poll by Leger revealed that more Quebecers are for the vaccination passport than against it.

A survey of 1,515 Canadians found that 63% of Quebecers "strongly support" implementing a COVID-19 vaccine passport — the highest percentage of any Canadian region included in the poll.

Only 12% of Quebecers polled "strongly oppose" the plan to mandate vaccine passports.

Breaking it down by age group, the highest proportion of those opposed to vaccine passports in Quebec are aged 18-34, with 31% opposed. The smallest proportion of Quebecers that oppose the plan are 55 and older, with only 10% opposed.

There is more overall opposition to vaccine passports outside of Quebec, with 16% of Canadians outside the province "strongly opposed" to the plan. Fifty-three percent of Canadians, meanwhile, are strongly in favour of vaccine passports.

Quebec's vaccine passport will only apply to non-essential activities and will be used for places like large events and festivals, restaurants, gyms, and bars.

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