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'Screw You Unvaccinated' Is Basically What Most Quebecers Think, According To A Survey

Quebecers are okay with requiring the vaccine passport at more places.

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'Screw You Unvaccinated' Is Basically What Most Quebecers Think, According To A Survey

Most Quebecers support adding measures related to vaccination status and are satisfied with the current COVID-19 regulations, according to a new Léger survey. The same goes for most Canadians overall.

The survey reached 1,547 Canadians between January 7 and January 9.

72% of Quebecers polled support "only allowing those who have proof of vaccination to shop in person at malls and retail outlets (excluding grocery stores)." 73% approve barring the unvaccinated from going into SAQs and SQDCs, a measure Quebec is introducing on January 18.

65% would support requiring the vaccine passport on public transportation.

Support for these additional restrictions for the unvaccinated is lesser nationwide, but a majority of all Canadians polled said they're okay with requiring the vaccine passport for retail stores and malls (64%), Crown liquor and cannabis stores (64%) and public transit (61%).

The new survey comes on the heels of an ongoing debate about the merit of Quebec health measures, such as the curfew. Quebec's health network as a whole is also under scrutiny, as Quebec's hospitals are swamped with staggering numbers of COVID-19 patients brought on by the Omicron variant.

Of the Quebec individuals polled by Leger, 67% would be in favour of "creating separate areas in hospitals and clinics specifically for unvaccinated patients."

81% agreed that getting vaccinated and getting booster shots are the best ways to protect against COVID-19.

61% of Quebecers polled agreed that "governments are making the right decision to return to lockdowns and restrictions" to help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. A paltry 26% believed that government should rather "leave things open" and that "Canadians need to live with the risk."

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