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Quebec Is Going To Charge Unvaccinated Adults A 'Significant' Tax

If they refuse to get at least one dose in the upcoming weeks.

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Quebec Is Going To Charge Unvaccinated Adults A 'Significant' Tax

During a press conference on Tuesday, January 11, Premier François Legault announced that unvaccinated Quebecers over the age of 18 will soon be charged a "significant" fee if they refuse to get at least their first dose in the next few weeks.

The premier said the 10% of unvaccinated adults in Quebec are causing a strain on the province’s health network.

"Because of this, I’m announcing that we are currently working on a 'health contribution' that all adults in Quebec who refuse to get vaccinated will be charged," he said.

He clarified: "All adults in Quebec who don’t accept to go get at least a first dose during the upcoming weeks will have a 'bill' to pay because there are consequences on our health network."

"Even if it’s only 10% of the adult population in Quebec who are not vaccinated," Legault claimed that 50% of the intensive care beds are occupied by unvaccinated patients.

If people cannot get vaccinated for medical reasons, the premier confirmed that these individuals will be exempt from having to pay the new fee.

Legault explained that this new measure is being imposed so that the 10% of Quebecers who refuse to get vaccinated don’t affect the 90% of the population who have chosen to get vaccinated.

The exact amount of this charge, which is being coined as a "health contribution," has yet to be determined, but the premier stressed that his government wants it to be a "significant amount."

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