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Quebec Reported The Most COVID-19 Deaths In Almost A Year

The hospital situation is reportedly getting even more critical.

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Quebec Reported The Most COVID-19 Deaths In Almost A Year

Quebec has matched a grim figure that has stood for nearly a whole year. With 62 new COVID-19-related deaths recorded on January 10, the province reached a level not seen since January 20, 2021.

This sharp increase brings the total number of deaths to 12,028.

The number of confirmed new cases sharply decreased, meanwhile, to 8,710.

This is due to the fact that the province has stopped offering PCR tests to members of the general public, who instead have to rely on rapid at-home tests, which are not counted in the government's numbers. PCR tests are now reserved for select priority groups.

Meanwhile, there was a net increase of 188 COVID-19 hospitalizations, for a total of 2,742 active cases, already well above the province's Level 4 alert capacity of 2,549.

The level system allows hospitals to progressively cancel even more services to devote staff and beds to the pandemic. According to a Radio-Canada report, the government is now planning on adding a Level 5.

There was also a net increase of seven people in intensive care on January 10, for a total of 255 active cases.

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