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Movie Theatres Across Canada Will Let You Watch Any Movie For $3 Today

Happy National Cinema Day!

Cineplex theatre.

Cineplex theatre.

Calling all movie lovers! For National Cinema Day on September 3, you'll be able to see movies at theatres across Canada and the U.S. for only $3 +tax per person!

According to a press release by the Movie Theatre Association of Canada (MTAC), this price concerns "all movies, all formats, all showtimes, all day September 3."

To date, the participating movie theatres include chains such as Cineplex, Cinemas Guzzo, Cinemas Cine Entreprise, Imagine Cinemas, Landmark and Magic Lantern Theatres.


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So far, four independent movie theatres in Quebec will also be participating, namely Cinema Carnaval, Cinema Pine, Le Clap Loretteville & Le Clap Ste. Foy. Note that more locations will likely be added to this list.

"Movie-going is back and it is great to see our industry coming together and rallying behind National Cinema Day," Nuria Bronfman, executive director of MTAC, said in the release.

"Nothing matches watching movies together with friends and family at a theatre. We are excited to join our colleagues in the U.S. in thanking movie lovers across the country for their support and celebrating great movies and the thrill of the big screen experience," she added.

As a celebration of this summer's record-breaking return to cinemas after the global health crisis, the event will take place at more than 3,000 participating movie theatres in North America, with over 30,000 big screens.

National Cinema Day

Cost: $3 + tax

When: September 3, 2022.

Where: Chains such as Cineplex, Cinemas Guzzo, Cinemas Cine Entreprise, Imagine Cinemas, Landmark, Magic Lantern Theatres as well as four independent movie theatres:

Cinema Carnaval, 240 boul. Saint Jean Baptiste, Châteauguay

Cinema Pine, 24 rue Morin, Sainte-Adèle

Le Clap Loretteville, 10885 boul. de l'Ormière, Quebec City

Le Clap Ste. Foy, 2580 boul. Laurier, Quebec City

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