Mr. Puffs Unveiled Its Holiday Menu And The New Flavours Will Make You Drool

The perfect treat to have while binge watching Christmas movies.

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Mr. Puffs Unveiled Its Holiday Menu And The New Flavours Will Make You Drool

It's almost Christmas and that means restaurants across Montreal are unveiling their holiday menus. And the beloved Mr.Puffs has quite the unique one.

You can now enjoy new limited-edition flavours at your local Mr. Puffs and it's safe to say they're tasty enough to put a smile on even the Grinchiest of people.

To fulfill your sugar cravings in front of a good Christmas movie, you can now add a Grinch frosting on your Puffs, which is made with white chocolate, green dye and Oreo mint cookies. Consider this flavour Grinch-approved.

If you're ever this mix doesn't sound appetizing to you, you can also try the cinnapufs vanilla and cinnamon frosting, which will remind you of the traditional cookies you likely make with your family during this time of the year.

As for the drinks side, Mr. Puffs is embracing the Quebec holiday traditions, offering eggnog and caramel lattes.

And for all the peppermint fans, you can also enjoy the iconic peppermint mocha latte, which was on the menu back in 2020.

If you don't like coffee, Mr. Puffs also offers a selection of artisanal hot chocolates with Belgian chocolate and caramel, triple chocolate, S'mores, red velvet, cookies and cream and Dulce de Leche.

Note that you can always mix two flavours in your box of 6, 12 or 55 since these new icings are on the same list as the classics.

So, for example, you can order the Grinch topping with the inevitable Choco-loco. Best of both worlds!

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