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Quebec Says Masks Are Mandatory For Outdoor Activities With 2 People In Red & Orange Zones

For people who do not live together.
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Quebec Says Masks Are Mandatory For Outdoor Activities With 2 People In Red & Orange Zones

In a press conference Tuesday, Premier François Legault announced that masks will become mandatory for outdoor activities in Quebec with at least two people who do not live together.

The new Quebec mask rule is just the latest in a string of additional measures amid the province's third wave of COVID-19.

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Previously, outdoor mask-wearing was limited to group activities with a minimum of three people who did not reside at the same address.  

The Ministry of Health and Social Services told Narcity Québec that such group recreational or sports activities could include "playing outside, walking, running, golfing, etc."

There are exceptions to the new rule, though.

What are the exceptions to this rule?

During the conference, Legault explained that "If you are by yourself or with people you live with, you are not obligated to wear a mask [outside. Or,] if you are having a picnic, with a maximum of eight, once you are spread out 2 metres apart from one another, you don't need to wear a mask." You also need to be seated if you're having a picnic.

The only difference for people in orange zones is that they are allowed to be in groups of 12 or less outdoors — as long as "a distance of two meters [is] maintained between anyone who doesn't live together" and everyone is sitting down.

According to the government's website, masks are also not required when "swimming or doing water sports."

Why is this rule being put in place?

The premier said that "because of the presence of the variants, masks outdoors are obligatory."

As of April 12, Quebec COVID-19 stats showed that people aged 20-29 make up 15.4% of cases in the province.

Such led Legault to speak to Quebec's younger population during the conference, saying "it's your health that's at risk now" — not just the elderly's.

This is the government's explanation for having to impose stricter measures on the entire population in red and orange zones.

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