The Quebecer Who Allegedly Sent Trump Ricin Added A Note Calling Him 'Ugly Tyrant Clown'

She allegedly sent other ricin letters, too.
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The Quebecer Who Allegedly Sent Trump Ricin Added A Note Calling Him 'Ugly Tyrant Clown'

The woman accused of sending a poison letter to the White House has been identified as Quebec resident Pascale Cecile Veronique Ferrier.

The envelope containing ricin, a potentially deadly substance that comes from castor beans, was addressed to President Trump.

Ferrier was detained by U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) officers after attempting to enter the country via the Peace Bridge between Fort Erie, Ontario and Buffalo, New York.

She appeared in court on Tuesday afternoon.

An affidavit filed by an FBI agent and shared with MTL Blog details the contents of the letter.

What did Pascale Ferrier's alleged letter to Trump say?

In the affidavit filed Sunday, the agent alleges that she called Trump an "Ugly Tyrant Clown" and insisted that he give up his bid for reelection.

The filing also says Ferrier threatened to "find better recipe for another poison" or "use my gun" in the case that the first attempt "didn't work."

"You ruin USA and lead them to disaster," the document reads. "I have US cousins, then I don't want the next four years with you as president."

The letter was signed, "FREE REBEL SPIRIT."

Were there other envelopes?

The FBI agent says envelopes containing a similar "powdery substance" were sent to "individuals working at penitentiaries and detention centres in Texas."

Online records show that Ferrier was previously charged in Mission, Texas for the unlawful carrying of a weapon.

On Monday, Hidalgo County Sheriff Eddie Guerra wrote on Twitter that he and three members of his staff each received an envelope containing ricin. He said no one was injured.

The affidavit filed Sunday says the letters sent to the Texas authorities contained language similar to that in the letter to Trump, as well as fingerprint evidence that matched Ferrier.

What is she charged with?

Pascale Ferrier has been charged with making threats against the President of the United States.

The FBI agent's affidavit alleges that Ferrier also made her hatred of Trump known on Twitter and Facebook, where posts including the hashtag "#killTrump" were found.

Upon her detention by the CBP in Buffalo, she is also alleged to have told officers she was wanted for ricin letters.

The CBC reports that a plea of not guilty was entered in court on Tuesday.

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