Quebec Gyms Will Likely Require A Vaccine Passport As Of Sept 1

During a press conference Tuesday afternoon, Health Minister Christian Dubé confirmed that Quebec's vaccine passport will be imposed starting September 1 and explained which non-essential activities and places could require the passport in the province.

The government says they "expect [the vaccine passport] will be used for the following non-essential activities: High-risk activities with a limited number of people (gyms, team sports, bars, restaurants, etc.)."

Thus it's possible that only the fully vaccinated will be able to go to Quebec gyms starting September 1. As of right now, retail stores will not require vaccine passports.

Dubé stressed that the idea of the vaccine passport is to avoid being forced to close non-essential activities and places again. Instead, only those who are fully vaccinated will be able to enter them as of September 1.

To prepare for this major shift, a pilot project will be done with an Éconofitness in Laval the week of August 16 to test out the QR code app, which will involve participants having to show their QR code upon entry into the establishment.

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