Quebec Is Finally Going To Reopen Montreal Gyms

It's the moment you've all been waiting for!
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Quebec Gyms Are Finally Going To Reopen

Quebec Minister for Education Isabelle Charest announced Friday that starting on March 26, some organized sports and recreation activities, including Quebec gyms, will be able to restart and reopen.

"Evidently, sanitary measures will always be present, but we should be able to practice several of our favourite activities, even if it means that we have to do them a little differently," said Charest. 

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What's happening in Quebec's red zones?

In red zones like Montreal, "all indoor facilities will be open, including fitness centres," according to a press release

"Activities must be practiced individually, in pairs, or with the occupants of the same private residence," Charest clarified. 

Outdoor sports and recreational activities will still be allowed with up to eight people.

What about the other zones?

In orange zones, up to 12 people will be authorized to participate in outdoor sports activities. 

Indoors, up to eight people will be allowed to participate in classes or supervised group activities as of March 26.

Social distancing will be enforced.

The same rules will apply to extracurricular activities in schools, which will be allowed in stable class groups as of March 15.

As of March 26, "students from different stable class groups will be allowed to participate in intra-school extracurricular activities without contact," the government says.

"No inter-team or inter-school matches or competition will be allowed" in any of the zones. 

Does this mean I can finally go watch a game?

For the time being, no spectators will be allowed in any of the zones to watch physical activities, whether indoors or outdoors. 

The government highlights that "no physical contact" will be allowed in any group activity or sport. 

"Today's announcement is the result of teamwork with partners in sport and leisure and I am confident that sportswomen and sportspeople will be exemplary while respecting health rules. This will allow us to move towards a return to normalcy in the coming months. Until then, let's play as a team and move safely," said Charest.

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