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Quebec Is Dropping Workplace Mask Rules In Some Cases

There are conditions.

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Quebec Is Dropping Workplace Mask Rules In Some Cases

The Commission des normes, de l'équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CNESST) is easing a bunch of COVID-19 measures for workplaces, including the Quebec mask rule.

The changes take effect on February 28, when the province's work-from-home order also ends.

While masks are currently required inside at all times and outside if "contacts are inevitable," the CNESST says workplaces will no longer have to require mask wearing if there is two-metre physical distancing or if there are physical barriers between people.

Masks will still be required in break rooms and in dining rooms when people aren't eating. However, people who are sitting and eating will not have to maintain physical distancing or sit between physical barriers.

Workers will have to keep wearing masks in transit, including in elevators and in vehicles. The government specified that masks will also still be required in areas with foot traffic.

All these new rules will only apply to workplaces outside of the care network.

The news comes one day after the Ministry of Health announced that elementary and high school students won't have to wear masks in classrooms as of March 7. Students will still have to wear face-coverings in common areas and on school buses.

The ministry said the move was possible because of the "favourable evolution of the epidemiological situation in Quebec."

"Today's announcement is excellent news for Quebec workplaces," CNESST President and CEO Manuelle Oudar said of the upcoming workplace rule changes.

"The CNESST is doing everything it can to support them in taking charge of occupational health and safety, particularly with regard to health measures."

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