Quebec Job Postings Have 'Exploded' & Here's Which Industries Are Hiring More Than Ever

Indeed says there's been a spike in Quebec job postings — so much so that the number number of active postings is 47% above pre-pandemic levels. The job search platform said this represents a record high.

But not all cities in Quebec have seen equal growth in the number of postings on Indeed.

While Gatineau, Sherbrooke and Montreal saw the number of local postings increase by 43-44% between February 1, 2020, and September 24, 2021, Quebec City saw a 99% increase and Saguenay saw an 80% increase.

As for the sectors that recorded the biggest spikes in job postings, human resources tops the list, according to Indeed, growing by 89% in the same time period, followed by banking and finance (81%), software development (69%) and food services (66%).

Indeed says that with increases ranging from 43% to 49%, job postings relating to management, driving, accounting and construction positions saw growth that was more on par with the provincial average.

Job postings in the hospitality and tourism (20% increase), marketing (16% increase), beauty and well-being (6% decrease) and aviation (21% decrease) industries saw less-than-average changes in the number of job postings in the province, Indeed notes.