Quebec's New Fall Forecast Says Winter Is Coming Early But There's Also Good News

Now that Labour Day's come and gone, and nights are beginning to feel cooler, many Montrealers have weather on the brain: Will we have a long summer? Will winter come early? The Weather Network aka MétéoMédia just released its three-month long-range fall forecast for Quebec and, let's just say, there's good news and bad news.

The good news is that The Weather Network predicts "extended periods of fair weather and warmer than normal temperatures" during late September and throughout October.

"This will provide excellent opportunities to get out and enjoy the fall foliage," according to meteorologist Dr. Doug Gillham.

The bad news is the transition to winter is expected to happen rapidly with winter weather coming earlier than usual, compared to what we've seen over the past 20 years.

"We have become accustomed to very mild Decembers, but this year should bring more typical amounts of winter weather during the weeks leading up to and through the holidays," said Dr. Gillham.

"A pattern change during late fall is expected to bring an earlier arrival to winter weather, and more winter weather leading up to the holidays than we have often seen over the past 20 years."