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Canada's Fall Forecast Has Dropped & Quebec Is In For A Warmer-Than-Usual Season

AccuWeather released its national forecast for the season ahead.

AccuWeather's Canada Fall Forecast Dropped

According to AccuWeather's 2021 fall forecast, we're in for a warmer than usual fall in Quebec.

"Above-normal water temperatures throughout the Great Lakes will likely persist through the season. This will have its biggest influence on nighttime temperatures, being milder, across the region," Brett Anderson, AccuWeather's senior meteorologist, explained.

However, thunderstorms could persist until the end of September, according to the report.

Cold snaps could be on the horizon in some parts of the province at the end of the fall season but otherwise, the report seems to suggest Quebecers shouldn't expect one of those surprise October snow dumps.

Further west, La Niña-influenced storms are projected to create higher than average precipitation. And in more northern regions out west, an early snowfall could happen.

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