'Frigidly Cold Weather' Is Coming To Quebec For Christmas 2021 & We're Not Ready For It

Enjoy the summer while you can... yes, even this sweaty heat.

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Quebec Christmas Weather For 2021 Will Be Cold AF

'Frigidly Cold Weather' Is Coming To Quebec For Christmas 2021 & We're ...

After a hot and humid summer, it looks like the weather in Quebec this winter will be quite the opposite — especially during the Christmas and holiday season, according to the latest long-term weather predictions by the Farmers' Almanac.

While the weather is expected to be manageable while you're doing your holiday shopping, the Farmers' Almanac predicts that things will take a turn for the worse around December 16, with conditions becoming more "unsettled."

"Frigidly cold weather" is expected to make its way from the Arctic to Quebec just in time for Christmas and Boxing Day, which will be mixed with scattered snow showers and flurries. So you may have a good excuse to skip a few parties to stay warm.

Either way, you'll likely find some relief as we welcome the new year. From December 28 to 31, the weather is expected to be "fair and cold initially, then becoming milder as we ring in 2022."

Overall, the Farmers' Almanac is predicting a "typical winter chill" in Quebec throughout winter, with a stormy January that'll taper off into a relatively easy, but still cold, February.

The forecast says Valentine's Day will see light snow and fair skies, which sounds ideal for a winter walk or cuddling up by a fire.

There will be almost 60% fewer days of precipitation in February compared to January, according to the report.

While it's tricky to predict the weather so far in advance, admitted the report, followers of the Farmers' Almanac have observed its accuracy "runs in the neighbourhood of 75% to 80%."

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