A Université Laval Job Posting That's Not Open To White Men Is Concerning Some Politicians

The university defends the measure online.

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Université Laval sign and coat of arms.

Université Laval sign and coat of arms.

A Quebec university's job posting* that's not open to white men is troubling a few politicians. Calls for candidates for Canada Research Chair positions at the Université Laval in Quebec City are reserved for women, disabled people, Indigenous people, and people from visible minorities.

The university says the practice aligns with its Inclusion Action Plan.

"In order to meet these commitments, only candidates with the required qualifications AND who have self-identified as a member of at least one of these four under-represented groups will be selected in this in this competitive process," one posting reads.

On a page describing the hiring policy, the university says it "supports the principle that excellence and equity are compatible and complementary and recognizes that good equity practices ensure access to the largest possible pool of qualified individuals."

Quebec politicians from within the government and opposition, however, are taking issue with the measure. Both Deputy Premier Genviève Guilbault and opposition Liberal Party leader Dominique Anglade have said it goes "too far."

"Encouraging hiring or research funding for under-represented groups of equal ability, yes. But to explicitly exclude competent people because they are not visible minorities or because they are men is overkill for the Quebec government," Guilbault wrote on Facebook.

Speaking to the press on March 30, Anglade recognized the importance of diverse hiring and of putting women and people from minorities in positions of power but said different approaches are needed.

"You know, fundamentally, when I look at this, having evolved in many environments where minorities were not represented, I am in favour of the fact that we must have better representation, there is no doubt in my mind, no doubt at all," Anglade, who is Black, said.

"But from there to exclude people on that basis, I don't think we are going in the right direction."

*Editor's note: An earlier version of this article's headline stated that the job wasn't open to white men. In fact, only the posting specifies that white male applicants won't be considered.

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