Quebec's Iconic "$5 Waterfall" Is Only 2.5 Hours From Montreal & A Must-See This Fall

People used to believe it was the waterfall on Canada's five dollar bill.
Quebec's Iconic "$5 Waterfall" Is Only 2.5 Hours From Montreal & A Must-See This Fall

Being able to say your picture has been printed on a piece of money is a pretty big deal. Just ask the Queen, she's on all of it. But if you can't be printed on a bill, the next best thing is for people to think that you have, like Quebec's "$5 Waterfall" in Mauricie.

The waterfall is actually the Fall of Nine, one of 17 waterfalls of the Batiscan River. This particular waterfall is found in the mid-Batiscanie portion of the river. 

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You can find it in Parc des Chutes de Monauban in La Mauricie.

The trail that crosses the Park is part of the Sentier Montauban, which is a 17 km segment of the National Trail. It then runs five kilometres further to Mont Otis, boasting the most spectacular viewpoints of La Mauricie.

It got its quirky name from the fact that people thought that it was the waterfall printed on the $5 note back in 1954. It was actually the Otter Falls in Yukon, but the legacy of the $5 Falls continues. 

This isn't a waterfall that you can swim in, but you definitely can admire them from the drawbridge.

Other waterfalls in the park are perfect for swimming.

However, the river, itself, runs over 20 kilometres and makes for a great place for white water rafting. 

And it's also a great peek into the river and the park that surrounds it.

The waterfall is just upstream of the small village of Notre-Dame-des-Anges home, which is a charming little town to explore after a long day of hiking and exploring.

Even though it may not be the waterfall that was printed on the $5 bill, it still holds a special place in Quebec's heart.

The price of coffees on the way to the falls: $5.

The price of seeing one of the province's most incredible waterfalls: priceless.

$5 Waterfall

Address: Parc des Chutes de Montauban, 100-190 Route du Moulin, Notre-Dame-de-Montauban, QC

Why You Need To Go: To see this incredible waterfall with an awesome story!