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Second Cup's Colourful New Fall Menu Has A Blue Latté & Popcorn-Flavoured Drinks

Coffee meets creativity and colour. 🍂☕️

​Second Cup's Vanilla Spice Cold Foam Iced Blue Butterfly Latte. Right: Kettle corn drinks.

Second Cup's Vanilla Spice Cold Foam Iced Blue Butterfly Latte. Right: Kettle corn drinks.

As the leaves start to change, so do the menus at many of our favourite coffee chains. While Starbucks garnered attention with the early release of its iconic Pumpkin Spice Latté, Second Cup has now entered the fray with its own arsenal of fall-flavoured drinks aimed at capturing the heart of autumn lovers.

Leading Second Cup's lineup is the Pumpkin Spice Latté, described as "sipping pure coziness from a cup." But where things get really interesting is in their effort to innovate.

Alongside the spiced offerings, Second Cup surprises with a seasonal twist on classic flavours: the green Vanilla Spice Cold Foam Iced Matcha Latte and the Vanilla Spice Cold Foam Iced Blue Butterfly Latte, the latter made with real butterfly pea flower, lending to its vibrant hue. These drinks not only promise unique flavours but also serve as an Instagrammable moment with their beautiful pops of colour.

For those with a sweeter tooth, Second Cup appears to have tapped into childhood memories of farmer’s markets and regional fairs. New to the menu are kettle corn-flavoured beverages, including the Kettle Corn Latté and Kettle Corn Cold Foam Caramel Flash Brew. And for those forgoing coffee, the Kettle Corn White Hot Chocolate is a harmonious blend of sweet and salty.

But what's a drink without a delectable treat to accompany it? Making a debut this year is the Pumpkin Spice Muffin with Cream Cheese Filling and the Morning Glory Muffin. And for those looking for a sweet-savoury twist, the chewy Caramel Pretzel Cookie is poised to be a crowd-pleaser.

While the season's beverage battle heats up, it’s clear that Second Cup isn't just here to participate — they're here to compete. Whether their drinks will overshadow the early PSL entry from Starbucks or carve out their own niche remains to be seen. What's clear, however, is that the Canadian café chain is pulling out all the stops to ensure autumn 2023 is deliciously memorable.

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