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Sheertex Review: I Tried The 'Unbreakable' Tights To See If They Really Were No-Rip Quality

No more worrying about runs or tears!

Sheertex Review: I Tried The "Unbreakable" Tights To See If They Really Were No-Rip Quality

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Is there anything more frustrating than pantyhose ripping as soon as you put them on?

I've never been able to get more than two or three uses out of department store tights and I had been eyeing the Sheertex Classic Sheer Tights ($127) as a long-term solution. I was really excited when they offered to send me a pair to try out.

Sheertex is a female-founded company based out of Montreal that's changing the pantyhose game. The brand uses a fabric that's derived from a super strong polymer used in bulletproof vests and climbing equipment. It's also anti-microbial and water-resistant.

May Ning | Narcity

What I Liked The Most About The Product

I like everything about these tights, from the shaping high waist to the sheerness of them (keep an eye on the denier count on all the products for how thick you prefer yours to be). They're really comfy and a breeze to pull on. I pulled at them and did things I wouldn't dare do to my regular tights and they were as sturdy they claimed to be. Obviously, the only thing it won't hold up against are scissors.

I love that the product comes in sizes from XS to 3XL and the photos on their website show models wearing all the different sizes.

The brand also sells nude tights (in a bunch of different skin tones), knee-highs, thigh-highs and other tights in lots of fun colours and patterns. Sheertex uses the extra materials from production to make accessories like scrunchies and underwear!

What I Didn't Like About The Product

I think they're worth it, but I get that the price point might be too high for some people. But, if you wear tights often, you'll actually end up saving money long-term because you can wear these ones over and over again since they'll never rip.

We tried to save you some money by teaming up with Sheertex on an exclusive discount code – MTLBLOG15 – to get 15% off all orders over $75 until April 30, 2022!

Overall, I think they're a great piece to invest in considering you'll literally never have to buy another pair of tights ever again.

My rating:

Sheertex Classic Sheer Tights

Price: $127

Details: These tights are virtually indestructible and will last you forever. Made right here in the textile heart of Montreal, you'll feel good about supporting a local business. You can use our promo code MTLBLOG15 to save 15% on all orders over $75 until September 30.


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