Subway Canada Has 15 New Chef-Made Sandwiches & They Sound Way Better Than Your Average Sub

Introducing the Subway Series! 🤤

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The exterior of a Subway restaurant in Canada, Right: A number of Subway Series sandwiches from Subway Canada.

The exterior of a Subway restaurant in Canada, Right: A number of Subway Series sandwiches from Subway Canada.

Subway Canada

Subway Canada has unveiled its biggest menu overhaul ever with the Subway Series — a completely new selection of subs including 15 chef-crafted sandwiches, 10 Subway-first ingredients and a totally reinvented ordering experience.

The new lineup of delectable sandwiches will span deli, chicken, steak and Italiano creations. "Each of the Subway Series sandwiches brings out the very best of Subway Canada — marrying complementary flavours and chef-crafted combinations of fresh and craveable ingredients," Subway Canada said.

The Subway Series roster includes:


  • Canuck Classic (#1)
  • Great Canadian Club (#2)
  • Turkey Rancher (#3)
  • Kickin' Chicken (#4)
  • Chicken Rancher (#5)
  • Teriyaki Crunch (#6)
  • Green Goddess Chicken (#7)


  • Steak'n Bacon (#8)
  • Stampede Brisket (#9)
  • Steak "N" Egg (#10)
  • Green Goddess (#11)


  • Mozzarella Bella (#12)
  • Suprimo (#13)
  • Little Italy (#14)
  • Meatballer (#15)
Only 14 of the new sandwiches will be available in Quebec. The 15th, the Meatballer, will only be available in other provinces.

"The introduction of the Subway Series means guests can leave the decisions to the experts. With a curated balance of flavour profiles, unbeatable taste and expertly-designed ingredient combinations, ordering has never been easier," said Chef John Botelho, Culinary Manager at Subway Canada.

When you order the sandwich name or number — the bread, toppings, protein and sauces are already selected based on which sub you choose. However, if you prefer the classic Subway ordering system, then customizing your order isn't going anywhere. "Of course, customization will always remain an option — but when Canadians taste these pairings – we know they won’t just be convinced, they’ll be amazed."

Bon appétit!

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Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
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