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There's a new player getting into the beauty-products game. With over 40 years of experience in the field, Beauté Star is a Quebec company that's finally made its online boutique accessible to all.

It's a one-stop-shop where you'll find your favourite everyday beauty products among a huge selection of top-of-the-line items, so you can treat yourself from head to toe and indulge in exactly the level of luxury and comfort you deserve.

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We could all use some love. And that includes our animal friends. So why not head down to the Montreal SPCA to look for your fur-ever bestie and the newest member of your family?

With red zone restrictions feeling like they're going on and on and on, it's the perfect time to find your new BFF that, yes, you can see even though we're in lockdown.

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T'is the season... to enjoy all of the festive things to do in Montreal without breaking any red zone rules.

Montreal during the most wonderful time of the year can be absolutely magical. And while this year may not seem as wonderful, there's still so much festive fun to be had to ring out 2020 and ring in 2021.

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Montreal is known to be a romantic city, but that doesn't mean that heartbreak in the 514 is impossible. We've all gone through breakups. Some of us have done the dumping while others have been dumped, and we almost always remember which place in Montreal it happened at.

Relationships are hard, and sometimes they sadly come to an end. The only problem is finding a spot symbolic enough to terminate the love affair.

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Life can get incredibly busy, particularly around the holidays.

That's why there's basically no better gift than the gift of sleep and relaxation — especially for those who love catching some Zs any chance they get.

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COVID-19 has taken a destructive toll on Montrealers since the start of the pandemic in March — in more ways than one. And sometimes it makes you wonder, "Where are the feel-good news stories in Quebec?" 

With mass business closures and job losses, increased financial woes have impacted everyone in the city — whether non-essential workers struggling to support their families or essential workers facing the virus from the front lines every single day.

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Have you ever been asked for change from someone on street and wondered if there was something better you could do to help instead of of just giving them a dollar?

Well 2 Montrealers didn't just sit around wondering about that, they went out and took action.

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